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What cover should I choose?

Don’t be fooled, not all products are the same. Just like your home and  its contents, home insurance is a very personal thing, and different products will suit different people. Some are very basic and focus on the up-front cost. Others come with plenty of added extras to give you more reassurance. Then there are those that concentrate on service and supporting you when you need to make a claim. They all have their pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to your personal priorities. We can guide you through the different options to help you arrive at a plan you are happy with.


This usually pays for any structural damage to a property which can be caused by accidents, fire, flood and subsidence. It’s an essential purchase for anyone who owns their own home or has a mortgage.


This pays for any personal possessions that are lost, damaged or stolen from your home. From furniture to toys, sports equipment to clothes and jewellery to electronic items, it protects you from loss whether you are a homeowner or a tenant in a rented property.


Whether you are renting out your old flat or have a string of high-end properties, traditional home insurance is not enough to protect your investment. Instead you need specialist Landlords Insurance which can protect your buildings and contents against damage and loss, and safeguard you against problem tenants and other unforeseen costs associated with being a landlord.

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