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Applying for an Equity Release withLifetime Equity Release really is simple and straightforward.

We provide independent, expert advice and we have access to the whole of the market. We explain and guide you through the process clearly and we remove the jargon from any discussions to enable a full understanding of the process and your application.

Whether you qualify and the amount you could release depends on several factors including your age, property and the size of your mortgage. Before taking out any equity release product, it is important to research all of the options and choices available to you. We also encourage you to discuss this with anyone that it may impact in the future, particularly your family.

There are no fees to pay until you have an approved offer and you receive your money.

An outline of your application process with us is as follows:

Step 1

Initial Enquiry & Fact Find

The first stage is called our Fact Find and will establish the basic details of your needs and circumstances so that we understand your requirements and have the information that equity release providers will require – This is a FREE service, and will take approximately one hour with one of our friendly and experienced Advisors, this part of the process is usually carried out on the telephone.

Step 2

Research and Discussion

Once we have completed your Fact Find  we research the whole of the market to find the right equity release plan to suit your needs.
We will compare various options and then provide you with a recommendation of a suitable plan. We will discuss our proposal with you and agree on  a plan before we send it to you in writing. There are always opportunities for you to ask as many questions as you want, and our Advisors are always happy to help!

Step 3 

Application and Home Valuation

Once you are happy with the plan we have recommended, we guide you through the lender application process. We will arrange with the lender to have your property valued, and following this the lender will make their decision whether they approve your application.

Step 4

Obtaining an Offer

Upon successful approval of your application we will obtain an offer from the lender for you, confirming how much you can borrow.

Both you and your solicitor will recieve a copy of the offer and they will prepare all the required documentation for completion.

Step 5 

Transfer of Funds

When your plan has completed, the monies will be paid to you via your solicitor. If there was an existing mortgage, they will also arrange to repay it directly and send you any remaining sum.

Our fee is only payable on completion and this is usually dealt with by your solicitor, alternatively, you can pay us directly. 

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