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Case Study 1

Mr & Mrs R

How Mr & Mrs R Repaid Their Interest Only Mortgage and Reduced Monthly Outgoing to Invest In Their Leisure Time


Mr R aged 66 was about to join Mrs R aged 62 in retirement. Their £260,000 home had an interest-only mortgage secured against it; unfortunately, their endowment policy had under-performed some years before and they’d cashed it in. When their bank asked them to repay the mortgage they were faced with being forced to sell their home.

They wanted to remain in their home and have the option to stop monthly interest repayments if they chose to. They liked the idea of reducing their monthly outgoings and enjoying their leisure time in retirement instead.


After seeking advice Mr & Mrs R took out a lifetime mortgage. This allowed them to repay their existing mortgage and continue to service the interest. When Mr R retires they can switch to a flexible payment or stop making payments altogether. They are now looking forward to using the monthly savings to spend more time together on weekends away.

In addition, they can use the drawdown facility to take further cash sums from their plan over the coming months and years, when they are needed.

Case Study 2

Mrs B

How Mrs B Helped Her Daughter Get On The Property Ladder


Mrs B is from York and is aged 76. She owns her own property worth around £370,000 which had no outstanding loans or debts secured upon it.

However, she was worried about her recently divorced daughter and wanted to raise funds of £80,000 to help her put a deposit on a house and get back onto the property ladder.

Mrs B had also been considering downsizing her property at some point in the future and she wished to retain as much of her equity as possible.


Due to her age Mrs B had been declined a conventional mortgage, but she qualified for a lifetime mortgage. She was able to take out a lump sum to provide her daughter with the deposit for her new house. As she had a good pension; Mrs B could afford to make the monthly interest payments which helped to protect her equity.

Importantly her advisor had recommended a plan with special downsizing features, so she is free to move to a smaller home when she is ready to do so.

Case Study 3

Mr M

How Mr M Repaid His Interest Only Mortgage and Avoided Selling His Family Home


Mr M from Glasgow is 69 years old and had to repay his interest only mortgage which had come to an end.

He and his late wife had been forced to switch from a repayment mortgage some years ago when he had to stop work to look after her when she fell ill with cancer. Since she had passed away, he hadn’t been able to afford to restart the full repayments again and was now faced with selling his home.

Ideally, he wanted to stay there for life and then leave his 2 sons the remainder of his home as an inheritance.


After advice; Mr M was offered a lifetime mortgage that permitted him to carry on paying the monthly interest.

This allowed him to remain in his home for life without eroding the equity in the property. This also lets him to leave his 2 sons the remaining value in his will.

Case Study 4

Mr & Mrs S

How Mr & Mrs S Released Funds For Home Improvements and To Help Them Lead An Active Retirement


Mr & Mrs S are aged 66 and 65, and they own their own home in Bournemouth worth around £420,000.

They were looking to raise capital of £125,000 to carry out home improvements and boost their income to put towards activities in their retirement.


After reviewing all their options and circumstances, Mr & Mrs S eventually applied for a lifetime mortgage to raise an initial sum of £25,000 for their new conservatory and kitchen.

They also had a further borrowing facility of £100,000 allowing them to access more funds as needed to cover holidays and allow them to enjoy more activities in their retirement.

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